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Chronic Pain
Pain Reprocessing Therapy

A REVOLUTIONARY approach for the treatment of Chronic Pain

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Vanda is delighted to announce the launch of her pioneering treatment strategies for the treatment of Chronic Pain/Illness and Stress.

Using a unique combination of Pain Education, Pain Reprocessing Therapy, Corrective Exercise, Nervous System Regulation and Graded Exposure, Vanda is changing lives across the country for those struggling with persistent, debilitating physical and emotional pain and achieving profound results where many have previously failed. Her work within the field of Chronic Pain has led to her being invited to become an Executive Contributor of the global online magazine Brainz. where her work will be published amongst world renowned speakers and authors such as Jim Kwik, Marissa Peer and many more. 


Vanda ensures she stays at the forefront of Modern Pain Science and uses evidence based practices. 

The treatment available from Vanda for Chronic Pain and illness is totally unrivalled within the industry and has transformed lives by empowering sufferers to take back control of their mind and body.

Working with Vanda 1-1 online, in-person, at home or a combination of all you can now have a truly unique, life changing experience of being supported and expertly guided through an amazing journey to free yourself from Chronic Pain, Illness and/or stress and live a life you never knew

was possible.

For more information on Vanda, her treatment packages and to book your FREE Discovery Call Call please visit:

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Transformational Coaching

This is no ordinary 'life coaching.' 

There is no fluff. There is no bulls*t. There are no excuses. 

There are hard hitting, difficult questions and life changing answers. 

There is action. 

There is accountability.

There is profound change. 

If you want better, if you deserve better, if you are prepared for better...

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