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A SMALL selection of our 5* reviews. 

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I saw Vanda for a bad back which I had been suffering with for several months. I’d seen a sports therapist, osteopath, doctor and physio but had not got anywhere with recovery. I couldn't do the exercise I love and my work was also affected. Vanda was incredible and I can’t recommend her enough. She listened carefully to me and worked out what was the issue, which none of the previous people I’d seen had managed to do. After 3 in-person appointments and around 8 weeks of rehab I was back in the game. I’ve now been pain-free and able to lift weights again for almost 6 months - most importantly my quality of life is back to pre-injury levels and I’m so grateful for that!

JB Crossfit Athlete

I would definitely recommend Vanda. She helped me with debilitating pain and changed my life. I had one session where she explained everything, I had a mixture of massage and stretching to alleviate the pain combined with exercises and stretches to do at home. It's been 2 months and I feel like a new person. No more wasted time to see physios/osteopaths etc where after a week or so you're in pain again. I have so much more mobility and flexibility in the area that was affected. It's so nice not to have to rely on ibuprofen to get through the day.

MT Education

Vanda was able to help me with a shoulder injury that I’d previously had no luck getting diagnosed or fixed. There was a massive improvement after the first session and thanks to the exercises and follow up sessions I was able to do exercises I’d previously had to avoid for months. So would highly recommend VTherapy to anyone looking to for help recovering from injuries.

KE Crossfit Enthusiast

I’ve had lower back issues for years and seen various people to try and help me but never really had any real success. Vanda asked me lots of questions to get the info she needed to help me properly and the results reflect on this. Have already recommended her to friends and family and know where to go if I need help in the future. Highly recommended.

TM Motorcycle Racer

I was introduced to Vanda after suffering from a constant pain in my shoulder and neck. The recommendation I received was ‘you need to see Vanda she’ll know exactly what to do!’ and having suffered the pain for too many years I rang her up and 2 months later, after 2 treatments, my body responded so well I haven’t felt any pain since. She knew exactly where to target the massage and needles. An absolute miracle worker and a pleasure to spend time with. I have been praising her to everyone I meet that tells me they have a pain somewhere ‘that’s just not shifting’. My advice is why live with it? The money spent is worth every penny. The massage and after care, with recommended exercises received online, is excellent value. Thankyou so much Vanda for fixing my shoulder and talking me through the barriers to recovery. I highly recommend this service. I was also happy to receive my treatment remotely, at home.

AW Teacher

Have to say a massive thank you to Vanda for my treatment. This girl is just amazing as in just one treatment she's managed to loosen a lot of my muscle pain and give me a proper diagnosis. So if you're in the Bucks/Berks area and need 'physio'/sports therapy please go see this girl as you won't be disappointed.

DH Engineer

Thank you so much!

Yesterday went well! I improved my time by 48 minutes so I'm really pleased. Amazingly, no foot pain at all so that was a huge relief :-) ...Thanks for all your hard work. I don't think yesterday would have been such a success without you!

GKH Ultra Distance Runner

Vanda is magic. I had lower back pain that kept recurring when I lifted heavy. Any of you will know that's an absolute mare. 

Not only did Vanda give me advise on movements to work on to improve this she did some manipulation to my left glute (which hadn't really been firing for years!) not only have I not had any back pain since I've been lifting heavier due to my left glute firing better. 

Less pain. Lift heavier. Couldn't recommend enough! :-) 

CW Personal Trainer & Crossfit Athlete

If you're thinking "maybe I should go see Vanda about this niggle/soreness/injury I'd just like to say...

You should. Go. Magic hands. My neck and shoulders move again. Go. She's brilliant!

BC University Lecturer

I have spent the last 8 months under the expert supervision and care of Vanda. Not only has she helped me overcome setbacks with an old injury that requires maintenance, but she has opened up avenues to a new level of participation in a sport that I love...something I genuinely never thought would be possible. I don't trust a lot of people with my body, but I trust this absolute LEGEND of a lady; I have a lot to thank Vanda for.

KV Olympic Weightlifter

The shoulder is amazing. The posture stuff you gave me along with the exercises have got me to about 87-98% (after just one online session)! I have no pain when sleeping and can actually sleep on that side! I just get the odd niggle now and then - I'm even able to clean, jerk and snatch and am back to PB weights!

SL Crossfit Athlete & Motorcycle Rider

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